Win a Private Island Getaway, a weekend in the mountains, or at the beach, and more just by playing with Southern Sports.

Southern Sports is giving away 5 awesome prizes to the coaches and teams that earn the most points playing in our tournaments.

It's easy. Here is how the points work:

-100 points for each tournament a team plays in.

-25 points for each tournament a team registers to play in by Jan. 31 and pays to play in by Feb. 15.

For example, if a team registered to play in 8 tournaments by Jan. 31, paid for them all by Feb. 15 and played in all 8, the team would earn 1000 points.

The five teams with the most points will go into a drawing for the five prizes.

-Like the NBA Draft Lottery, the number of entries will be weighted with the team that finishes with the most points getting the most entries into the drawing.

With 5 teams qualifying, the team that finishes:

1st-5 entries

2nd-4 entries

3rd-3 entries

4th-2 entries

5th-1 entry

-All of the teams that qualify will win one of the prizes. Since it is a drawing, EVERY TEAM THAT QUALIFIES COULD WIN THE GRAND PRIZE. The team with the most points will have the most entries, but even the final team that qualifies could win the Private Island getaway.


Private Islands of Georgia Getaway

-Escape to a private island. Spend 3 days/2 nights on the island off the Georgia coast.

-You and your traveling mates will be the only people in the lodge on the Private Island.

-Learn more about the island by CLICKING HERE.

-Note: the island is for sale. If it sells before the winner is able to take their prize, we will provide a trip to Little Raccoon Key, another private island in the state of Georgia.


Weekend Escape to the Mountains or Beach

Southern Sports will provide you with the money ($600) to cover a weekend at the beach or in the mountains, your choice. Take the family or just take a book and sunscreen, the choice is yours.


Gallaga Arcade Game

Take a step back in time and enjoy your very own four-foot tall standup Gallaga machine.


20 Tickets to a Minor League Baseball Game

Celebrate the end of the year with 20 tickets to see the local team play.


$150 Gift Certificate to Your Choice of Restaurant/Store

See more rules, prize info by clicking here.

Why spend most of the season playing with Southern Sports Promotions?

-Lowest entry fees

-Win a Private Island Getaway

-New emphasis on tracking teams, scores, records and opponents.

We are tracking everything to cut down on lopsided games, to better match teams against equal competition, to have teams play teams they have not played before and to offer a better experience.

In the Fall, Southern Sports hosted 525 games. There were only 5 games out of those 525 games that involved the same 2 teams playing each other from earlier in the season that didn't involve a championship game.

Every team that played 7 games with Southern Sports had a win and all but 1 team had a loss or at least 2 ties.