Single "A" Series

May 22-24 Single A Series #2

May 29-31 Single A Series #3

June 5-7 Single A Series #4
June 12-14 Single A Series #5
June 19-21 Single A Series #6

June 26-28 Single A Series #7

Southern Sports Promotions recognizes the need to have a program set-up that protects and controls those teams that wish to compete at this level.  These teams can be from various arenas such as former all-star teams, first year teams, or simply teams that desire a competition level that parallels their own.  We have already identified teams that fit within this category, and will continue to review the teams that will be allowed to play in this divisional series throughout the 2020 season.

This division is solely for Single "A" teams with the goal of having every single game be competitive in score and sportsmanship.  Please contact us with any questions!

Southern Sports Promotions, LLC