Tournament Incentive Program Rules

Southern Sports is giving away 5 awesome prizes to the coaches and teams that earn the most points playing in our tournaments.

Here is how the points work:

-100 points for each tournament a team plays in.

-25 points for each tournament a team registers to play in by Jan. 31 and pays to play in by Feb. 15.

For example, if a team registered to play in 8 tournaments by Jan. 31, paid for them all by Feb. 15 and played in all 8, the team would earn 1000 points.

-A team must participate in the tournament to earn the points for that tournament.

Example 1: If a team registers and pays to play in a tournament, but weather cancels the entire tournament, a team would NOT earn 100 points for participating. If the team registered by Jan. 31 and paid for it by Feb. 15, they would earn 25 points.

Example 2: If a team registers and pays to play in a tournament but that team's age division does not make, and the team elects not to play up in the next age division, the team would not earn 100 points for the tournament. If they played up in another age group, the team would earn the points.

-The points mirror the refund policy. If a team only gets in 1 game in a tournament, they would receive 50 points for participating. If a team gets in 2 games, they would receive 100 points. A team would receive 25 points for early registration and payment  if a tournament is cancelled by Southern Sports. If a team withdraws, the team would not earn 25 points for registering and paying early.

Any team that participates in 10 tournaments will be entered into the drawing even if they don't finish in the top five of points. If that situation arises, Southern Sports will add additional $150 gift certificates to the prize pool for each additional team that qualifies. Southern Sports will adjust the number of entries into the giveaway accordingly.  Every team that qualifies for the drawing will have a chance to win the Grand Prize.

If there is a tie for any spot but the final spot, Southern Sports will adjust the number of entries for each participant so the chance of winning the final prize stays the same.

Example: If there is a tie for spots 2nd (4 entries) and 3rd (3 entries), since a team couldn't have 3.5 entries into a drawing, we would double the total entries each team would receive in the drawing. The team that finishes first would get 10 entries rather than 5. The teams that tied would each get 7 entries, 4th place would get 4 entries and 5th place would get 2 entries.


If there is a tie for the final spot, here's how the tie-breakers will work:

1. Whichever team played in the most tournaments. (If multiple teams tie, only those who played in the most move to the next tie-breaker.

2. Did the team play in a "state" tournament? (Any teams that answer yes move to the next tie-breaker.)

3. The first team that registered for 6 tournaments.

The team that wins the tie-breaker will get the final entry in the giveaway.

This is a team-based program. It awards points based on an individual team. Organizations/parks are included in the competition, but points are not combined for a park or organization for different teams with different players or different age groups. But since it it team-based, it is possible for an organization or park to have more than one team qualify.

Southern Sports reserves the right to substitute a cash prize  or another prize equivalent to the value of the prize instead of a prize should the situation dictate it. For the grand prize, the winner wins a trip to Eagle Island, part of the Private Islands of Georgia. The dates for the trip must be mutually agreed upon. The island is for sale. If it sells before the winner is able to take their trip, we will substitute in a prize to Little Raccoon Key, another private island in the state of Georgia. For the first prize, the winner will be given $600 to use for a weekend getaway at the beach or in the mountains. For the minor league baseball game, the coach will be given 20 tickets on a mutually agreed upon game to sit in The Bank or Baseline Box in Gwinnett or any ticket less than $10 per ticket in Rome or any other ballpark. Southern Sports also reserves the right to adjust the rules, prizes and any parts of the contest during the season.

Southern Sports Promotions, LLC