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We hosted our first All-Star tournament over 12 years ago!!  We are proud to announce that we will begin an All-Star Series this spring.  This will be a series of at least 6 tournaments including our Southern Sports All-Star State Championship!!

As we do in our travel tournaments, we will make every effort to separate divisions by talent level.  This includes "A" all-star division, along with a "B/C" division.  With enough teams, we will separate the divisions & brackets further in an effort to make it a great all-star experience for all teams!

Below are the events.  Click on any tournament to view the complete details on the event's own webpage

May 28th-30th, All-Star Bash
May 29th-30th All-Star Mountain Bash
June 4th-6th, All-Star Shootout
June 11th-13th, All-Star Invitational
June 18th-20th, All-Star State Championship
June 25th-27th, All-Star Nationals
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